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Our Story

The Concept

Anticipate all things Italian at the primary restaurant of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel & Convention Centre. Inspired by the Amalfi Coast elements, the new Evolution introduces a sophisticated restaurant ambiance with a homegrown yet refined take on Italian cuisine and dining experience. Look out for Evolution's signatures that set the tone for the restaurant's Italian food scene, essentially centered on homemade pasta, coastal dishes and aperitivo. Appropriate for dining with plus-ones or families as it seats over 150 persons with a menu that appeals to curious taste buds
  • Chef Alan
    Meet The Chef

    Chef Alan Wong

    A man of ideas, evolution and talent, Chef Alan Wong has always left his heart in the kitchen since he was eight, being raised in a family of food connoisseurs. He developed an aptitude for contemporary European cuisine using local produce in particular, and over time his culinary expertise has paved him a transcendent career journey since year 2001.

    Wong believes the aesthetics of food always counts at first, but it's the taste that ultimately defines the quality—same goes to the chef. Albeit his stern demeanour at first glance, the humble chef tends to awe people instead with his lightheartedness, and professional skills in the kitchen that always ends with a delicious outcome. The element of surprise has been Wong's preferred motivation as it became fundamental to his skills and flair for the last 22 years.